2 Yummy Iced Tea Recipes To Help You Slim Down

Word on the street is Victoria Beckham keeps slim by sipping on pu’erh, an aged dark tea from China. But while the scientific jury’s still out on whether pu’erh’s where it’s at – as all teas in general aid metabolism – credentialed tea master Renee Sebastian (fun fact: she taught some Real Housewives how to blend the bev) has recommended two iced recipes that wouldn’t be out of place in a dieter’s regimen.

You’ll need:

10g da.u.de Earl Grey Vanilla Tea

¼ cup Fresh Lemonade

Lemon Slice for Garnish

Mint Leaf for Garnish

Simple Syrup according to taste

Boiling Water Shaker Ice 16oz cup

To make:

1. Steep 10g da.u.de Earl Grey Vanilla tea with 8oz boiling water for 5 min.

2. Fill 16oz cup with ice and transfer into a shaker.

3. Add the simple syrup, lemonade, and steeped tea into the shaker.

4. Shake until foamy.

5. Pour back into 16oz cup, garnish with lemon and mint, and enjoy.

See More : http://www.stylebible.ph/beauty/2-yummy-iced-tea-recipes-that-will-help-you-slim-down?ref=cx_related_yummy#cxrecs_s


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